Steve Parker
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Audio Transfers



I provide services to create a lasting media record of your favorite old movies, pictures, 35mm slides, camcorder or VHS/Beta clips of family travels, special occasions and other events. Such media is great to preserve for genealogies.

With today’s changing technology there are opportunities to more easily enjoy our family’s past and to prepare media for our children’s future enjoyment. For example, Smart TVs offer big screen viewing of media, embedded on our home computer, with just a few clicks on the remote. However, this enjoyment is lost if the media is not presented as a “polished” production. By this I mean a production for TV family viewing which: 1) has a topic of interest; 2) is prepared with a duration normally not more than 10-12 minutes; 3) has titling either at the beginning or embedded in the clips; and 4) perhaps includes voice overlays to verbally explain the scene or add a comment of interest.

I established Home Video Editing Services in 2001 to further my interest in the transfer and editing of raw home movies, video footage, photographs/slides and audio recordings. This interest soon developed into a passion best stated in my tag line, “A Memory is a precious thing to lose. Let me help you preserve yours.”

Home Video Editing Services benefits you by avoiding the time consuming post-production phase, investing in expensive equipment, learning how to use the equipment and/or software to edit the results and bpass dealing with on-line or big wholesale/drug stores. Movies are transferred using the frame-to-frame process. What that means is that with a typical Super 8 or Regular 8 home movie each of the 30 fames per second is cleaned, captured and color corrected.

I come to you by offering free pick-up and delivery in the greater Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land areas. In most cases a firm cost is established at the initial meeting. A spreadsheet is provided to arrange the media in the desired sequence. One free revision of the delivered project is permitted to correct any errors due to arrangements, spellings or audio.

Two CD/DVDs are provided for each production. This is to provide a ready backup for archival retrieval. Discs are labeled via ink jet printing with photo/text and enclosed in a protective case.

I also provide audio transfer service from cassettes, LPs and reel-to-reel to digital.